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  • My little brother and his wife had their baby on Saturday. It’s a girl, and her middle name will make her my namesake. (No, incidentally, “youfuckingbitch” will not be her middle name)
  • I absolutely love having my DK as my farm toon. She’s working her way through the Ebon Blade faction (hey, nice boots). I did do a heroic with her, but man, I am no damn good — or rather, I’m fine for entry-level heroics in entry-level heroic gear but my ego won’t let me feel good about doing less than 2K dps. I think I’ll stick to solo questing and harvesting on her and bring out the healers when it’s time to play with other people. I should upgrade my weapon — I think that’d help immensely — but the Titansteel mace is so ugly. And I really needn’t have purples to do dailies.
  • I ran Naxx-25 on my druid on Saturday evening. I’d forgotten how much I loved raiding on her, and good grief, it’s so easy. Her gear is mediocre at best — she’s done Naxx 10 once, OS25 once, and maybe half a dozen heroics — but she was top of the healing meters. (Healing meters take on far more significance when you can pwn them, I reckon.) I’m glad I performed well as I think folks expect that when they see my guild tag. We didn’t clear the zone — only three quarters complete — and I didn’t win anything. But it wasn’t as horrible to go back to Naxx as I feared it might be.
  • June marks some serious “oshit” time at work for me, and I expect my availability to WoW and to blog about WoW will diminish substantially over the coming weeks. I see lots of bloggers are closing their doors, and I see lots of gamers looking elsewhere for their pixellated recreation. I’m not going anywhere, and I’m not quitting. But sadly for me, I get to be a dedicated employee rather than a hardcore raider til July. Ugh.

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