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  • I wish I had an AOE.  (3 more levels!) Our guild ran a very bloobie Kara this afternoon, primarily to get some achievements for the death knights (and shadowpriest!) among us who'd never done the zone before.  Two of the raid were 80, and their AOEs made it so I could barely cast a spell on trash mobs before they were dead — let alone let my DoTs tick for any damage.  On bosses, I was fourth on the parse (behind an 80 moonkin, an 80 Blood DK, and a 75 rogue).  On trash, I was last.  QQ
  • I don't mind healing when K- is tanking.  When guildies drag me into zones that with orange- and red-con mobs, have a non-tank-specced-DK tank and then the aggrowhore Moonkin says "Heal me!", I get frustrated.  (Again with the QQ, I know I know).  I was looking at Disc specs, but now I think I'll just stick with being a shitty healer.
  • LOL @ Lonsdale, who for some reason decided to follow Kaleyen and Khæli across the Howling Fjord map ganking us repeatedly.  Better get your shots in now, kiddo.  Because once we can land spells on you (in perhaps 1 or 2 levels), our "/laugh" emote will be over your corpse.  But nice bubble hearth when I trained you to the guards at Westgarde Keep.  And thanks for reminding me that I absolutely have to write a chapter in Khæli's story about why she despises paladins.
  • Only 30ish skill-ups til I get my flying carpet.  Screw the guildies that want me to level to make them bags.  But thanks for the frostweave! *cough*
  • Caution:  Completing the Friend or Fowl achievement turns all neutral mobs hostile.  One very angry turkey followed Kaleyen back to Ebon Hold.  My insisting we do this achievement constitutes Reason 412 why K- gets to be group leader and I get to /follow.
  • This expansion has exceeded all my expectations.  Granted, I say this after questing in one zone and running three instances.  But still.  The number of innovative quests continues to astound me.  (Favorites thus far include the holy bubble that sears through undead in the catacombs near Valgarde and riding the harpoon back to the docks at Valgarde.)  And I really do feel as though the Scourge Invasion, alongside the ongoing lore of the quest series, has helped me immerse myself in WotLK in ways no other MMO expansion has ever managed to do.

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Both Kaleyen and Khæli hit 70 tonight. Hulloooooo Northrend!

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I Slash Command Thee

I have loved macros ever since I learned that I could include some sort
of public shaming alongside my resurrection abilities.  In EQ2, my
dirge had a series of macros for Cacophony of Blades, one of the
class-defining abilities, including the wonderful "/g This group needs
more cowbell! /useability Cacophony of Blades."  Of course, when you
are spamming an ability each time the cooldown is up, even the wittiest
of macros gets old quickly and thus "/g Hit it like you mean it! 
Cacophony of Blades for 14 seconds" gets shortened to "/g COB for 14

The macro system in WoW provides a lot more functionality
than Everquest 2's as you can do more than simply equip/unequip,
announce, or use an ability.  As with my add-ons and UI, I'm constantly
experimenting with different macros in order to enhance my efficiency.

I bring a new macro into my repertoire like this:  First, I notice a
problem.  For example, as K- and I began duoing with the shadowpriest
and DK, I realized that I needed to Power Word: Shield Kaleyen
regularly.  But switching back and forth between a friendly and
unfriendly target was inefficient DPS-wise.  So I look for a macro to streamline my clicks (gasp!).  To follow up on this example, then, as I noted before, I
created this macro and bound it to Button 3 on my mouse:

/cast [help][target=targettarget, help][target=player] Power Word: Shield

problem I'm toying with now concerns abolishing disease and dispelling
magic.  I'll be the first to admit that I veer towards OCD when it
comes from removing debuffs from those in my group or raid, and so I
need to get my macros situated for this as soon as possible.  Because
while I know my DPS suffers when I hit Dispel Magic, intending to cure
Kaleyen and instead get the error message "Nothing to be dispelled" on
my DPS target, my concern here is (sadly) less the detriment to my DPS
than it is the knowledge that I'm not curing fast enough.

So I
did some poking around on various forums and websites today to come up
with some ideas for macros for Dispel Magic and Cure Disease. 

/cast [modifier:alt,target=player] [target=mouseover, help] [target=target, help][target=targettarget, help] Abolish Disease

/cast [modifier:alt,target=player][target=mouseover, help][target=target, help][target=targettarget, help][] Dispel Magic

I also found these macros that I might implement as well:

To send my Shadowfiend out when I have a friendly target, rather than a DPS one:
#showtooltip Shadowfiend
/cast [harm,nodead][target=targettarget,harm,nodead]Shadowfiend
To case POM on my target's target:
/cast [help][target=targettarget,help] Prayer of Mending

I need to get one now for Shackle Undead, a spell whose usefulness I only just realized in PVP against DKs.

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ETA on Dual Specs?


… which in my mind can't come soon enough.

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What is it with the names people have chosen for their death knights?!  A simple /who death knight on my server includes the following:


Is it really that hard to come up with a name for one's toon that
doesn't involve "dark" or "death" or "knight"?  I admit, I chuckle
sometimes at the names of Tauren Druids — "Bullshifter" comes to mind. 
But these DK names just make me /sigh.

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