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  • My little brother and his wife had their baby on Saturday. It’s a girl, and her middle name will make her my namesake. (No, incidentally, “youfuckingbitch” will not be her middle name)
  • I absolutely love having my DK as my farm toon. She’s working her way through the Ebon Blade faction (hey, nice boots). I did do a heroic with her, but man, I am no damn good — or rather, I’m fine for entry-level heroics in entry-level heroic gear but my ego won’t let me feel good about doing less than 2K dps. I think I’ll stick to solo questing and harvesting on her and bring out the healers when it’s time to play with other people. I should upgrade my weapon — I think that’d help immensely — but the Titansteel mace is so ugly. And I really needn’t have purples to do dailies.
  • I ran Naxx-25 on my druid on Saturday evening. I’d forgotten how much I loved raiding on her, and good grief, it’s so easy. Her gear is mediocre at best — she’s done Naxx 10 once, OS25 once, and maybe half a dozen heroics — but she was top of the healing meters. (Healing meters take on far more significance when you can pwn them, I reckon.) I’m glad I performed well as I think folks expect that when they see my guild tag. We didn’t clear the zone — only three quarters complete — and I didn’t win anything. But it wasn’t as horrible to go back to Naxx as I feared it might be.
  • June marks some serious “oshit” time at work for me, and I expect my availability to WoW and to blog about WoW will diminish substantially over the coming weeks. I see lots of bloggers are closing their doors, and I see lots of gamers looking elsewhere for their pixellated recreation. I’m not going anywhere, and I’m not quitting. But sadly for me, I get to be a dedicated employee rather than a hardcore raider til July. Ugh.

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Faster Pussycat Kill Kill

Despite a slow start to the raid last night, we’re moving through Ulduar-25 substantially faster each week.  We took down Flame Leviathan, XT, Kologarn, Auriaya, Hodir, Thorim, Freya and Razorscale, with a quick trip over to Emalon before calling it a night.  I feel a Yogg kill is in the works this week.

KC & the Sunshine Band

Each time we return to Ulduar, we notice more and more nerfs.  There was less trash on the way to Freya, and she didn’t seem to spawn the green-seeds-of-Doom during her final phase.  I see from MMO-Champion that the mobs leading to Ignis will no longer cast Unquenchable Flames and that the Ice Turrets en route to Mimiron will do less damage.  And the void zones spawned when one of Auriaya’s cats dies no longer insta-gib you.  Not remotely.  I discovered this last night as I was feared through one, briefly had some weird camera-spin-mouse issue, ran back through the void zone — and barely took any damage.

Dead Milkmen

Despite the nerfs, there are people who die consistently.  I’m going to start keep score, because going back through my WWS reports, I swear there’s at least one person who’s never lived through Hodir.  Not once.  

Arrested Development

When I was nearing the level-80 mark on my druid, I knew it was important to have her raid-ready (or at the very least heroics-ready) as soon as possible.  I set my sights on gathering the necessary gear from the AH and from crafters so that “Ding 80!” could mean “Level 80 Resto Druid LF Raid.”

Now that my DK is almost 80, I’m approaching the level cap quite differently.  Khiiya won’t raid.  (Not that Khrii has really, either.  The release of Ulduar has made alt runs through Naxx non-existent.  Not that I’m in any rush to go back there.)  Unlike the gold I was willing to spend on getting the druid geared, I don’t want to invest one copper on the DK.  Instead, she will make due with gear from quests, from factions, and from the odd heroics.  She will just be my farm toon, assigned to do dailies and gather herbs.

When K- encouraged me to roll a DK, we purposefully chose the spec that is (/faceroll) least gear dependent.  Upon 80, I won’t bother to spec out of On a Pale Horse.  I won’t enchant my gear, unless it’s via enchants that help K-‘s priest level the profession.  *Gasp* I won’t min-max.  I won’t care; I won’t have to.  As an Unholy DK, I’ll still be able to (/faceroll) do just fine.

Right Said Fred

Mid-raid, my little brother whispered me.  “So…” he said.  “I need to run through Dire Maul, Scholomance, and Stratholme for my paladin mount.  Can you and K- help me?” he asked.  He’s been pestering me about a run through Scholomance and Stratholme for a few days.  And I want to be helpful and supportive, really I do.  But ewww.  Ewww.  I’d rather send him the gold to just buy the damn thing, to be honest, but he loves lore and loves questing and even though I keep saying “Go to the Outlands,” he’s determined to finish up his questing in the old world.  So in evil-big-sister mode, rather than responding, I enabled my auto-response with DBM, and figured if he asked again he’d get the “Khaeli is fighting Freya.  Leave her the hell alone” message — and he’d just pester K- instead.

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Although Khaeli became Twilight Vanquisher last night, she spent much of the weekend feeling pretty vanquished.


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Back in Black

Upon turning in yesterday’s JC daily, Khaeli was awarded the Breadwinner achievement.  With the expense soon-to-come of buying dual specs for three toons (elementa/resto shaman, elemental/balance druid, discipline/shadow priest), I certainly need to work on winning more bread.  However, as our guild and raid leader will be out-of-town for ten days (and I’m just not confident that much will happen in the way of 25mans without him around), K- and I plan to spend the weekend working on alts.

Funnily enough, he’s leveling a priest; I’m playing the DK.

Initially, I made the DK a scribe for profit.  But the class is too damn fun, and if I’m not careful I’ll lose track of my plans to level an AOE healer and instead find myself with a level 80 plate-wearing DPS (no, I will never tank.  It’s verbotten.  Trust me.)  Right now, the goal is merely to hit 65 so I can level inscription up the rest of the way, but honestly I’m not sure I’ll be able to stop.  It helps immensely that K- can give me advice on my spec and rotations, as it feels rather odd to be in the Outlands with a class that I am such a noob at playing.  But noob or not, whether it’s from wearing plate, wielding a big ol’ sword, or not needing mana — hot damn — I am a killing and leveling machine.  Rawr!

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Kaleyen adjusts his spec a lotA LOT.  One of the things we've been
discussing lately vis-a-vis death knight talents is whether or not he
should take Bloodworms.  The benefits are clear:  heals.  The downside
less so:  there have been claims, according to K-, on EJ that
Bloodworms can pick up cross-charges on Thaddius and wipe the raid. 
That seemed silly to me, and I looked through all the WWS reports I had
for the fight to see if they'd ever posed a problem.  But Kaleyen
hasn't been Blood all that long, and he never seemed to have had them
proc during that encounter.  Another Blood DK did raid with us on
Tuesday night and while his did proc, it didn't seem to have caused any
issues.  So the evidence was inconclusive, and although the notion that
this could happen was disconcerting, we didn't really think much of
it.  After scraping together the coin for his epic flyer this week
(congrats!), he didn't really feel like spending the coin to respecc and thus remained worm-less.

Fast forward to last night's 10-man. 
Shortly after the first polarity shift, Kaleyen was wtfpwned.  He had a
positive charge and was standing on the correct side, but he and a
couple of others (including two of the other healers) went splat. 
Taking a plate-wearing class with 23K-ish health down to nothing means
(/math) he was struck with at least 5 charges.  In a ten-man raid, how
was that possible?!  I'll give folks the benefit of the doubt that they
were able to read the + and – debuffs and respond correctly.  (After
writing my last post, I feel perhaps I'm a bit too harsh on my

So this morning, as all good little gamer-geeks are
wont to do, K- and I poured over the WWS reports from last night's
fight, prompted in part by a post on the WoW Forums.  Players are surmising that non-permanent pets can, in fact, inflict
charges during the Thaddius fight.  And it looks like this is precisely
what happened last night, not with Bloodworms but with another non-perma-DK-pet:

02:39'17.047    Kaleyen gains Dancing Rune Weapon.
02:39'17.047    Kaleyen Dancing Rune Weapon summons Rune Weapon.
02:40'14.172    Kaleyen Negative Charge hits Opalfuris for 4500 Nature.
02:40'14.172    Kaleyen Negative Charge was absorbed by Whiskyhealer.
02:40'14.188    Kaleyen Negative Charge hits Khaeli for 3441 Nature. (1059 Absorbed)
02:40'14.188    Kaleyen Negative Charge hits Eldini for 4500 Nature.
02:40'14.188    Kaleyen Negative Charge hits Mycko for 3188 Nature. (1177 Absorbed)
02:40'19.016    Kaleyen Negative Charge hits Opalfuris for 4500 Nature.
02:40'19.016    Kaleyen Negative Charge hits Whiskyhealer for 2858 Nature. (1642 Absorbed)
02:40'19.031    Kaleyen Negative Charge hits Khaeli for 4500 Nature.
02:40'19.078    Kaleyen Negative Charge hits Eldini for 4500 Nature.
02:40'19.078    Kaleyen Negative Charge hits Mycko for 4365 Nature.
02:40'24.250    Kaleyen Negative Charge hits Opalfuris for 4500 Nature.
02:40'24.250    Kaleyen Negative Charge hits Whiskyhealer for 4500 Nature.
02:40'24.313    Kaleyen Negative Charge was absorbed by Khaeli.
02:40'24.313    Kaleyen Negative Charge hits Eldini for 4500 Nature.
02:40'24.313    Kaleyen Negative Charge hits Mycko for 4365 Nature.
02:40'29.094    Kaleyen Negative Charge hits Eldini for 4500 Nature.
02:40'45.156    Khaeli Negative Charge hits Kaleyen for 4500 Nature.
02:40'47.219    Khaeli gains 935 Mana from Shadowfiend Mana Leech.

I added those last two lines in there as fair warning to priests.  The
shadowfiend is also a non-permanent pet and although, granted, we cast
typically them and they immediately die (yay minor glyph?), they can
also apparently injure fellow raid members.  I don't often cast the shadowfiend,
as mana isn't an issue for me.  But with undergeared healers and low DPS in
last night's raid, that's what I did.  And damn, if my shadowfiend
didn't kill my fiancé.  Oops.  Sorry!

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While by no means does Khaeli have "best in slot" for all her gear, I
do feel as though I'm at a point where, quite soon, I'll be able to
really focus on leveling another toon to 80.  She's one day away from
Revered with the Sons of Hodir, and probably ten days or so worth of
casual play to hit Revered with the Oracles and Exalted with the
Knights of the Ebon Blade (the only remaining tabard she needs to
sport).  Her tailoring is at 447, and she's at max enchanting.  OK, so
she doesn't cook or fish, but Khrii has those tasks covered, and I'm
not sure I see the point of leveling those secondary professions on
another toon.

So, the question becomes, what to do next?

I have four toons to work on:


The druid is currently 72, and I really only log into her to do the
cooking daily.  She's level capped for herbalism, and at 435 for
alchemy.  I should, at the least, level her to 77 for Cold Weather
Flying so that she's better at gathering herbs.  I'm having to spend
too much coin right now to get the herbs out of her "reach."  Right
now, Khrii is specced Balance and although I really did enjoy
tree-healing in TBC, I'm rather unenthused about playing the druid.


The shaman is 53.  Our guild currently has an army of Holy Priests and
Paladins, and while we have several really great shamans they excel at
DPS and I can tell they're loathe to spec resto.  I find the shaman a
fun class to play, and as I'm stunned by the inability of some people
to grasp the concept of the "raid healing assignment," I feel as though
the guild would really benefit from having a resto shaman.  I don't
want to bench Khaeli, but I don't want to be strong-armed into speccing
Holy merely because some of our healers can't group/raid heal. 


The warlock is level 9.  Recently, K- and I decided we'd make twinks
and are aiming at the 39 bracket.  But there's something about slogging
through levels 1-20 that makes Khai and her partner in crime, Krieos
the rogue remain at level 9.  Khai does have the heirloom shoulders and
an underworld band.  But alas, she doesn't even have any talent points


On Saturday night, after a wretched night of Mal25fail, K- and I made
Undead DK alts on a different server and did the first few quests in
the starter zone.  Although like most folks, I had already done this once, it
made all the difference to have K- with me, explaining the talents and
ability-rotations.  So on Sunday morning, I made a NE DK on Kirin Tor,
and I blew through the quests with her.  God, what a fun class!  She's
only 58 now, and I'm focused at the moment on sending her around the
Old World to level herbalism/inscription.  But her hearthstone is set
at Honor Hold, and she's ready to rumble.

The main problem for me leveling an alt is that I find myself utterly
unmotivated to play without K-.  His hunter, Kinolas, is around Khrii's
level, but much like my feelings for the druid, he's not too keen to
play that toon.  I'd love to power-level him a paladin to join the
shaman or DK in the Outlands and Northrend, but he insists on playing
Night Elves.  So I'm just not sure which toon (if any) is "next."

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  • I won the Robes of Mutation last night, a nice upgrade from the
    Spellweave Robe.  Unbuffed I'm at 25% crit, so now it's time to start
    looking for some more haste.  I'm hoping for some new pants as the one
    Khaeli wears now are abysmal. 
  • I had a really great conversation with our guild leader last night
    about being Discipline.  He agreed that there are still folks who don't
    understand how Discipline works but assured me I shouldn't worry. 
  • I wasn't last on the healing meters last night.  Hooray for gear
    upgrades.  Boo for slacker healers that get beaten by a Disc Priest.
  • I am still working on overcoming my reluctance to use Pain Suppression
    on the tanks.  I did cast it more last night — during Loatheb and
    during the insect swarm on Anub'Rekhan.
  • Continued lag, latency, and disconnect issues are frustrating.  Nonethless, I
    actually lived through the Heigan fight last night despite wretched FPS.
  • Kaleyen respecced back to DW with the fix to Howling Blast.  Seeing his name on the top of the DPS charts makes me proud.

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