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  • My little brother and his wife had their baby on Saturday. It’s a girl, and her middle name will make her my namesake. (No, incidentally, “youfuckingbitch” will not be her middle name)
  • I absolutely love having my DK as my farm toon. She’s working her way through the Ebon Blade faction (hey, nice boots). I did do a heroic with her, but man, I am no damn good — or rather, I’m fine for entry-level heroics in entry-level heroic gear but my ego won’t let me feel good about doing less than 2K dps. I think I’ll stick to solo questing and harvesting on her and bring out the healers when it’s time to play with other people. I should upgrade my weapon — I think that’d help immensely — but the Titansteel mace is so ugly. And I really needn’t have purples to do dailies.
  • I ran Naxx-25 on my druid on Saturday evening. I’d forgotten how much I loved raiding on her, and good grief, it’s so easy. Her gear is mediocre at best — she’s done Naxx 10 once, OS25 once, and maybe half a dozen heroics — but she was top of the healing meters. (Healing meters take on far more significance when you can pwn them, I reckon.) I’m glad I performed well as I think folks expect that when they see my guild tag. We didn’t clear the zone — only three quarters complete — and I didn’t win anything. But it wasn’t as horrible to go back to Naxx as I feared it might be.
  • June marks some serious “oshit” time at work for me, and I expect my availability to WoW and to blog about WoW will diminish substantially over the coming weeks. I see lots of bloggers are closing their doors, and I see lots of gamers looking elsewhere for their pixellated recreation. I’m not going anywhere, and I’m not quitting. But sadly for me, I get to be a dedicated employee rather than a hardcore raider til July. Ugh.

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To Eschew Renew

renew1I meant to post something on this topic yesterday, but a little thing called “work” got in the way.  And now a little thing called “Patch 3.1” seems to be elbowing any other considerations aside.  But I do want to make some quick observations about Renew and why, for my dual-spec Holy Priesting, I’ll still avoid it.

But before I delve too deeply in why I’ll eschew Renew, let’s turn to the healer renowned for their HoTs:  the Resto Druid.

rejuvThe Druid has four heals-over-time spells:  Lifebloom, Rejuvenation, Regrowth, and Wild Growth.  (Arguably, Tranquility heals-over-time as well, but as it has a very long cooldown and only heals the party, it’s not really part of the Resto Druid’s “routine.”)  Three out of four of these HoTs are instant cast; Regrowth takes 2 seconds to cast un-hasted.  And while the mana cost of Lifebloom is doubled in Patch 3.1 (Boooo!), the beauty of this HoT and of Wild Growth is that they tick every second.  After all, in a raid — whether or 10- or 25-man — the downside of these spells is that while, by definition, they heal over time, that “time” often results in other healers’ spells getting their first, making the HoTs redundant.  Ticking once per second, however, means that these two HoTs heal very quickly and very effectively.  Regrowth and Rejuvenation, the other two druid HoTs, heal once every three seconds.  But despite the slower “tick,” the druid can Swiftmend these HoTs, converting them to instant heals equivalent to 12 seconds of Rejuvenation or 18 seconds of Regrowth.  (Healing druids will glyph Swiftmend so that the spell will provide the instant heal and will not consume the HoT.)swiftmend

Now back to Renew.  It’s no surprise that the priest’s HoT pales in comparison to the druid’s.  What’s significant, I’d argue, is that it also under-performs the priest’s other heals.

Renew is appealing, I know, because it’s an instant-cast spell.  When healing on-the-run, it’s one of four heals that priests can cast (Prayer of Mending, Holy Nova, and Power Word: Shield are the others).  But that’s not a compelling enough reason to rely on this spell.

Unglyphed and untalented, Renew heals for 1400 over 15 seconds with a spellpower coefficient is 188%.  As such it’s roughly equivalent to Rejuvenation, which heals for 1690 over 15 seconds and, unglyphed and untalented, has a spellpower coefficient of 188%.  Both of these spells tick once every three seconds.  However, unlike the druid’s ability to convert that slow-ticking HoT to a direct heal, priest are stuck with a heal that in a typical raid scenario will only hit once or twice, reducing its effectiveness substantially.  (As in, it heals for ~1500 as opposed to the full ~7500.)   

To make Renew “suck less,” one must devote 6 talent points and a glyph into the spell.  That’s quite an investment in order to make the spell outperform Flash Heal.  But Flash Heal triggers Holy Concentration, Surge of Light, and the new-and-exciting-and-omfg-heal-pwnage Serendipity.  Renew only triggers the first (although the initial heal from Empowered Renew can crit, thereby triggering SOL).  While certainly there are scenarios when all you can cast are instant-cast spells, under virtually every other circumstance, Flash Heal will be better.  Flash Heal ’til three stacks of Serendipity makes Prayer of Healing arguably the most powerful heal in the game.  Renew offers nothing remotely that sexy.flash-heal

OK, if you are raiding 10-mans with one other healer, then perhaps Renew will be worthwhile.  If you don’t trust your other healers to be able to cover damage, then perhaps Renew will be worthwhile.  If you don’t raid with any Resto Druids, then perhaps Renew will be worthwhile.  But that’s a lot of “if’s.”  Me, I’m just not sold on investing so much to make a weak HoT worthwhile(ish).  I don’t think Renew is worth the talents, and it’s certainly not worth the glyph.   

Leave the HoTs to the Trees.  They do it better.

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I hit 80 on the Resto Druid Saturday evening, and as I’d hoped, was able to equip some decent starter gear to hit surpass that magic 1500 spellpower mark.  

On Sunday, Kaleyen and Khrii ran a few heroics, an experience that was in stark contrast to Khaeli’s as a fresh level 80 healer.  Of course, Kaleyen’s 4K dps makes any heroic a helluva lot easier as the mobs tend to die before the group members can and/or before the druid can run out of OOM.  We did DTK (omg, easy), UK (omg, easy), and then (/gulp) UP (wow, easy).  We joined a PuG 10-man Naxx to cap off the weekend, and Khrii walked away with several pieces of loot as well as the Key to the Focusing Iris.

Oh, and she topped the healing meters.  Ha.  

More thoughts on druiding versus priesting and the whole “bring the player not the class” mularkey later…   

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khriifactionWhen Kaleyen and Khaeli leveled to 80, they dutifully completed enough quests to earn each zone’s achievement before moving on.  

Now that I’m taking Alts 1 and 2 through Northrend, I feel far less compelled to quest so thoroughly.  I do a few quests in an area, grab any instance-related quests, run that dungeon, and ding!, move on.  I don’t feel obligated to pull my hair out struggling to complete quirky vehicle quests or locate the mysterious hundredth quest in Zul’Drak.  

That being said, my druid and DK will hit 80 in far less good graces with the Northrend factions than Khaeli did.  And when planning to make an alt raid-ready ASAP, this limits my access to some nice pre-Naxx gear… as does my solemn swearing never ever ever to run Occulus — heroic or otherwise — again.

What my druid and DK will benefit from, however, is a main toon with rather deep pockets.  So here’s my pre-Naxx gear wishlist for Khrii, who with a bit of effort should hit 80 this weekend.  This is an Auction House / piss-poor faction gear / stockpiled Honor Points / regular 5-mans / crafted loot list, as honestly, I’ll push to hop into 10-man Naxx runs as soon as I can.  By no means are these items best-in-slot, but rather they were selected based on ease of acquisition.  (Several of these items have been sitting in Khrii’s bank for quite some time.)

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Although Khaeli became Twilight Vanquisher last night, she spent much of the weekend feeling pretty vanquished.


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At about 8:45pm on Sunday night, it hit me:  It was time to respec Khrii to Resto.  I shelled out the 15 gold to erase her identity as a Moonkin and reclaimed her leafy Treeness.  She’s only 73, so perhaps it was silly to take away the oomph of Wrath-spam, but I wanted to get back to HoT healing with her; and I don’t anticipate much problem finding groups for instances as (or rather, when) I level.  And while Khrii was supposed to be the farm toon while Khaeli was the healer, the fact is, nothing comes close to the kill-kill-killing of a Death Knight.  Khiiya sits on the cusp of level 70, and I am having an absolute blast with the class.  It makes the world of difference to have K- giving me insights on rotations and talents.  It wouldn’t surprise me if the Death Knight beats the Druid to 80.

In recognition of the struggles ahead and the struggles behind her, Khrii visited the barber as well as the Druid trainer.  No longer is her hair the shocking blue of youth.  Like Khaeli and Khiiya, Khrii has the white hair (in my mind at least) that marks age and wisdom.

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